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Protraits from the end of the line

After the end of World War II, Brazil went through one of the most important industrialization processes of the XXth Century. It went from an eminently rural country to an industrialized power. In the decades of 1980 and 1990, several economic crises, mechanization, international competition and urban violence, affected the heart of the sector in some regions of the country, reverberating in the social dynamics as a whole. One of the results of this decadency, besides the massive unemployment, was the creation of industrial deserts; large urban regions lost their original productive meaning, being basically forgotten. Among this ruin, new uses were given to abandoned areas, terrains and factories. The most common one is as housing. These factories are reinvented as sorts of precariousness condominiums, where many families in search of housing stay despite the lack of minimum standards; people that grow up in the shadow of shut down production lines. This work intends to register a few of those Brazilian stories, created in the old Industrial District of Jacaré, or simply Bairro do Jacaré, in Rio de Janeiro.


Writing and Research Douglas Khayat

Pictures by Pierre Vicarini

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  1. Olá, eu tive acesso ao link através de um amigo que vive no Rio Muito bom o trabalho. Obrigada por darem visibilidade ao que se teima em esconder. Abraço.Marga

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